Warrior Women: A place for every single mom.

Tuesday, September 07, 2021
Warrior Women hosts loving and supportive communities of single moms. These groups are led by moms who have been there. Any mom can come in, feel at home and share with others who understand. They can relax, knowing their children are cared for as they meet. They have a night off of worrying what to cook for dinner as a family style meal is provided. They can ask questions or for help in a safe space that offers a network of resources that are often requested (like counseling, parenting wisdom, financial coaching and more). In addition, there is the option to earn a supplemental income by creating a simple product as they meet or from home.... Read More

Radical Generosity SHINES

Wednesday, May 26, 2021
This Story will make you Proud to call East Texas Home.Sarah Campbell at Solan Douglas has had Lost Sheep Coffee Co since March of 2018. She operates the coffee shop inside her mom's gift store, Solan Douglas in Bullard. When they opened the store they wanted to offer a great place to buy unique and beautiful gifts, get a cup a coffee, and then sit and enjoy some time like old friends. Together, she and her mom prioiritize making the shop a welcoming place to spend a little time with people who quickly feel like old friends. In addition to being a business owner, Sarah is a full-time college student. She is not too busy, though, to make radical generosity a priority. ... Read More