Light the Way

Kat unexpectedly lost her husband a couple of years ago and dreamed of starting her own farm as a home-based business. Warrior Women stood with her, encouraged her, and even helped her plant and harvest. Now, she co-leads a group and brings farm fresh eggs each week to share.


After joining Warrior Women, Keisha wanted to get her GED but had fears about not being able to do it. The other women in the group cheered her on, and she finished faster than anyone expected.


Maggie is an adoptive single mom. When her brother was unable to care for his 2-year-old son, she gained custody. Warrior Women stood with her as she learned to navigate her new role. She now leads a Warrior Women community of her own.

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The 3 dots are for you. Have you ever waited for a text or a message, staring at those 3 little dots as they load? When you see those 3 dots, you know there is more to come. The 3 dots are our way of saying, "Here's HOPE! There is MORE!"

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