By Suzy Shepherd
Tuesday, September 07, 2021

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Group of Mommas

Warrior Women hosts loving and supportive communities of single moms. These groups are led by moms who have been there. Any mom can come in, feel at home and share with others who understand. They can relax, knowing their children are cared for as they meet. They have a night off of worrying what to cook for dinner as a family style meal is provided. They can ask questions or for help in a safe space that offers a network of resources that are often requested (like counseling, parenting wisdom, financial coaching and more). In addition, there is the option to earn a supplemental income by creating a simple product as they meet or from home.

You can get details in three ways:

1.) Fill out the interest form and we'll send you all the information you need. Click here for this form.

2.) Attend a Single Mom's Night Out for a relaxed night with other moms, specialty coffee and connection. You'll meet leaders and other moms and be able to ask questions in person. Even if Warrior Women doesn't fit your schedule, these events are fun to attend. The next one will be held at SHINE in downtown Tyler on Tuesday, September 28 at 6:00pm. For more information, click here. 

3.) Join the private Warrior Women Facebook page. Click here to join. 

Warrior Women FAQs

  • What does it cost to attend? Volunteers, donors, and partner organizations are committed to see families flourish and help make Warrior Women free of cost to any mom raising children on her own. We do ask that participants invest in the community by consistent attendance and engagement and using the available resources to their fullest. 
  • What is a typical meeting like? Every group is different but generally the meeting starts with a shared family style meal. Then children go to childcare while the moms meet. The first couple of meetings are focused on participants getting to know one another. By the second or third meeting, often moms are already making connections and walk in the door talking. Most meetings show a super short video on content that is valuable to the single mom followed by a discussion and additional resources that are relevant. Then the group dives into working on their particular product. 
  • Who can attend Warrior Women? Any mom who has custody of her child(ren) and is raising them alone (no male in the household).
  • How long do the meetings last? The meetings last between 2 and 2 1/2 hours, including the meal. 
  • Is Warrior Women religious? You don't need to have a religious background to join Warrior Women. The leaders and founders of Warrior Women believe that the most powerful transforming agent in the world is love. We believe that love comes from God and our highest purpose is to love God and love others. You will hear these beliefs echoed because they are central to who we are, but there is not a requirement that you believe as we do to be fully accepted into this community of strong women. It all centers on love.
  • What do you mean by "the option to earn a supplemental income by creating a simple product?" Most single moms would say that another stream of income would be helpful, but that time is hard to find. We help cross this barrier by offering ways for moms to create products without taking time away from home and family. No one is required to participate in product creation, it is just another opportunity if a participant so desires.