SHINE started because we believe in the power of connection. Our mission is to create loving, meaningful communities that transform women and children.

We take our mission so seriously that we are out to change culture by making community accessible to any woman who wants it

Now, more than ever, we're making a place where women feel they belong. Check out how at Monday Night LIVE 

Community is a buzzword. It’s everywhere. But what does it mean? It's not enough to just be around people. If it were, then our culture wouldn't be seeing the critical levels of loneliness all around us. 

Disconnection is a lack of intimate connection, not a lack of social contact. According to the CDC, ⅓ of American adults feel lonely. ONE-THIRD!!!! That number is so big, it has been named a public health threat. 

Books, experts, podcasts all agree we need more authentic connection. The problem is that while we DO need a genuine, solid group of people to count on, most of us scratch our heads wondering how and where we are supposed to "find our people."

SHINE hosts Monday Night LIVE, a place for ALL women to find authentic, meaningful and fun community. Single moms are at the heart of our mission, and they attend free of charge.

That's because for single moms, the problem is compounded. She feels alone- 96% of single moms say they experience chronic disconnection- but she also has added barriers to finding community. She has to find and afford childcare and make time in her already super busy, often exhausting life. Most of all, she has to believe the benefits outweigh the cost of being part of a community, and she has to find one where she feels seen, known and valued.

Connection is belonging, and that comes from feeling seen, known and loved. 

Shine is answering this need with Monday Night Live. Find out more here.

If you're a woman looking for your people, dare to join us for one Monday Night and see the difference REAL community can make.

Come with us,
Suzy Shepherd
SHINE Executive Director

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