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Regina, Sarah & Girls at barista training, Solan Douglas

This Story will make you Proud to call East Texas Home.

Sarah Campbell at Solan Douglas has had Lost Sheep Coffee Co since March of 2018. She operates the coffee shop inside her mom's gift store, Solan Douglas in Bullard. 

When they opened the store they wanted to offer a great place to buy unique and beautiful gifts, get a cup a coffee, and then sit and enjoy some time like old friends. Together, she and her mom prioiritize making the shop a welcoming place to spend a little time with people who quickly feel like old friends. 

In addition to being a business owner, Sarah is a full-time college student. 

She is not too busy, though, to make radical generosity a priority. 

Here's the story.

SHINE is about to open our own version of a coffee shop in Tyler, about 15 miles north of her store. We have been on the search for others who "know the ropes" and are willing to help us learn. 

One day, Regina, the director of our coffee space went to visit Sarah. She shared what our dream for Shine is- to offer a relaxed place to gather and have coffee where all funds go to support programs for single moms. 

Sarah threw open her heart and her doors to share her knowledge with Regina. She invited her to come to her own store on a Saturday morning so she could show her the details, recipes, tools and tips she uses to run her own business. 

She encouraged and taught. She gave her time. And she did it all with joy. 

Sarah is the picture of what SHINE is all about: love people, raise hope, bless the city.

She does this everyday with her business- but she went out of her way one Saturday to do this for what many would consider her very own "competition." She even refused compensation for the kindness she showed.

But Sarah knows.

She knows the secret of radical generosity. She knows that generosity is truly the best investment you can make. She knows there's more than enough for everyone, and that we get the most not by clutching it all closely, but by giving it away with abandon.

Giving away things that mean little to us isn't generosity. When we donate what we've outgrown or no longer use, that's kindness and good stewardship, but it is rarely generous. That's because generosity implies that the gift costs us something. True generosity will take our time, our resources or our risk.

Generosity isn't the size of the gift, either. Some can give away what seems like much, but in the scheme of things it costs them little. Others can give what seems small, but because it represents a sacrifice, it is truly generous.

Sarah's gift to us was radically generous; it took resources, time, and what many would call risk.

But her generosity will help SHINE offer coffee with a mission. Each cup will be one more way a single mom is able to lead her family with courage, confidence, strength and joy. 

Every cup we serve will have a of little Sarah's generosity in it

Thanks, Sarah. You make us East Texas proud. This is what community is all about.

If you'd like to join us on this shared mission, we invite you into this same journey of generosity. We need your help to continue to grow, to serve, and to support families. Will you join us? Click here to donate today.